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August 06 2017

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Carm would wear it only if it was black







“A long-term study of children raised by lesbians found that these children were less likely to suffer from physical and sexual abuse than were their peers who were raised by heterosexuals. This is thought to be due to the absence of adult heterosexual men in the households (Gartrell, Bos, & Goldberg, 2010). Girls raised by lesbians tend to have higher self-esteem, show more maturity and tolerance than their peers, and are older when they have their first heterosexual contact (Gartrell et al., 2005, 2010). Children raised by same-sex parents seem to be less constrained by traditional gender roles; boys are less aggressive, and girls are more inclined to consider nontraditional careers, such as doctor, lawyer, or engineer (Gartrell et al., 2005; Stacey & Biblarz, 2001). Over the course of more than 20 years, scientists studied the psychological adjustment of 78 teenagers who were raised by lesbian mothers. Compared to age-matched counterparts raised by heterosexual parents, these adolescents were rated higher in social, academic, and total competence, and lower in social problems, rule-breaking, aggression, and externalizing problem behavior (Gartrell & Bos, 2010). There are fewer studies of children raised by two men, but gay fathers are more likely than straight fathers to put their children before their career, to make big changes in their lives to accommodate a child, and to strengthen bonds with their extended families after becoming fathers (Bergman, Rubio, Green, & Padrone, 2010).”
~ Martha Rosenthal, Human Sexuality: From Cells to Society, p.247.

“having gay parents will harm children”

I love that this is cited and sourced ahhhh. Actual researched support! So good.

Straight Bigots: Same sex parents aren’t as good as a child having a mother and a father

Us: Your right


And here’s the studies that demonstrate it

i have no doubt that same sex parents are awesome and create a great environment to grow up in, but i wonder how much of this comes from the fact that same sex parents generally have to plan ahead and adopt a child vs. hetero couples just accidentally having kids whether they want them/are prepared or not.

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This is also a reminder that an original cast bootleg of Hamilton is on PornHub under the title ‘Founding Fathers get Naughty in the Bedroom’



i cant “”””draw””” but why do all “thicc” furries look exactly like this

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As seen at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

You tell me that hitler
Is a mighty bad man.
I guess he took lessons
from the ku klux klan…
Cause everything that hitler
And mussolini do,
Negroes get the same
Treatment from you…
I ask you this question
Cause I want to know
How long I got to fight

Langston Hughes
“Beaumont to Detroit: 1943″  

funilly enough , Hitler DID admire the KKK 

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Hot tip for poor artists: cheapo cintiq alternatives

I got the T5010 a couple of years ago and I still like it, though I’ve since moved back to using an Intuos after fixing my desktop. Colors come out a bit subdued, but for under $200 it was a great thing to get.

Make sure to get a screen protector, though.

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Absolutely blessed pure post



somebody: so what do u like to do for fun? :)

me, very used to being mocked for my interests: ha ha, i dunno, i don’t do anything. Ever

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Commission for someone who requested really bright colors!–

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Hollstein/Bubbline update ayyyy

WIP 2-click it, it looks better





ok u know what, no more of those depressing bpd memes, lets make recovery memes a thing, here i’ll start

an inconvenience: happens
my malfunctioning brain: time to die i guess
me, using DBT skills i’ve learned in group therapy: it’s okay, i can work my way around this, i am a Capable Adult

my mom: harshly criticizes me
my shitbrain: oh no im a failure as a human being
me, forcing myself to change the way i react to Bad Things: no, i am a complex human being and a good person, my mother’s opinion of me is not the end-all be-all

my brain as i am waking up in the morning: god i wish i were dead
me, tackling this thought like an NFL player during the superbowl: today will be a good day and i am glad that i have lived to see it!!

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Happy one year, Gravel to Tempo!

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what’s tonight’s mood

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Blessed image

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In May of 1939, the MS St. Louis set off from Germany with Captain Gustav Schroder at the helm and a belly full of Jewish refugees. After being denied entry to Cuba at Havana harbor, the St. Louis set route for Florida, in hopes that the land of the free would be more accommodating. It was not.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had recently cracked down on immigration, restricting it to those with the financial means to support themselves. (At that point, the average German Jew’s checkbook register read simply “Property of der Fuhrer.”) As 1940 approached, and with it news that Nazi Germany was invading … uh, everything, the American public began to regard Jewish refugees as potential threats to national security. FDR, who had previously canceled the expiration of up to 15,000 Germans’ visas rather than, y'know, send them straight to Hell, caved to pressure from Secretary of State Cordell Hull, who rallied Southern Democrats and threatened to remove their support for the president if a certain boatful of refugees didn’t disappear real sudden-like.

The St. Louis, denied entry at the port of Miami, turned back for Europe. About a third of its passengers ended up in Great Britain, while the rest were sprinkled throughout Western Europe, aka “the place where the Nazis were.” By June of 1940, FDR had drunk deep of the Conspiracy Kool-Aid, stating: “Now, of course, the refugee has got to be checked because, unfortunately, among the refugees there are some spies, as has been found in other countries. And not all of them are voluntary spies – it is rather a horrible story but in some of the other countries that refugees out of Germany have gone to, especially Jewish refugees, they found a number of definitely proven spies.”

And by golly, he was right: In 1942, the United States convicted Herbert Karl Friedrich Bahr of being a Nazi spy posing as a Jewish refugee – the single known instance of such a thing happening. Of the 937 passengers aboard the St. Louis, 254 died in the Holocaust. In 1945, Cordell Hull was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Karma’s a lovely idea, isn’t it?

5 Stories That Prove Everyone Gets WW2 Wrong

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So if you lived in a society where you had to secure your communication in order to be yourself around others, here are the apps that could help you do that.

Signal let’s you securely text and make phone calls.

Onion Browser allows you to surf the web without leaving a trail.

Duck Duck Go isn’t super secure but it won’t record your searches like Google.

ProtonMail is a email client that lets you email other secure email accounts.

Periscope allows you to stream live video.

Semaphor is there so you can securely make group chat rooms.

American privacy laws allow you to use these all. So that’s pretty cool.

Because we’re currently living in the prologue of a cyberpunk dystopian novel, imma reblog this.

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